We help CPA’s better serve their Clients
“We met with AEON and quickly grasped the opportunity available to our clients,.
Within a few weeks, we had our first studies underway for client properties.
The results were outstanding! Clients were thrilled and we were soon using
Cost Segregation to secure new and difficult to get clients….”

- Amit Chandel CPA, CVA, CTRS, Focus CPA Group, Inc.

Many CPA firms are exploring ways to add services outside the typical financial and accounting arenas. By partnering with AEON, you will strengthen relationships and offer additional valuable services to both existing and prospective clients.

While Cost Segregation is a tax strategy, it is primarily an engineering process. By utilizing AEON you will be able to bridge this gap between engineering and accounting.

The IRS essentially sanctioned Cost Segregation in 2004 when they published the “Cost Segregation Audit Techniques Guide”. Since then, word of this highly advantageous program has been spreading fast through financial and commercial brokerage circles. Since property owners depend on their CPA’s to keep them informed on tax strategies, it is obviously preferable that your clients hear of this program from you rather than outside sources!
"Your clients will thank you for it”

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