Our ability to provide outstanding tax benefits, along with our ability to offer personalized, responsive customer service, has lead to very happy clients!
AEON’s program gives our financial partners the ability to save a ton of money. The precision of their studies gives me great comfort that we are accurately and properly allocating assets. I highly recommend this company and their program.”
- William Hirsch, President, Foundation For Social Resources, Inc.

“We met with AEON and quickly grasped the opportunity available to our clients,. Within a few weeks, we had our first studies underway for client properties. The results were outstanding! Clients were thrilled and we were soon using Cost Segregation to secure new and difficult to get clients. Great program. Great firm!”
- Amit Chandel CPA, CVA, CTRS Focus CPA Group, Inc.

“AEON Capital Consultants was highly efficient in completing their Cost Segregation Study.  We were particularly pleased that the study results significantly exceeded their proposal.”
- Jeff Leonard, CFO, Pacific Medical, Inc.

“My CPA recommended that we have a Cost Segregation study performed for our new retail center ASAP.  Construction was just being completed and we did not have the time to fully organize our financial records.  AEON quickly responded to our needs and was extremely accommodating - working with us to reconcile our payment applications to invoicing and payment registers. We now have all our costs booked accurately and the Cost Segregation results were outstanding!”
- Gene May, President, MGM Retail Properties

“I met AEON at a seminar and was interested in saving taxes, but was skeptical. Then AEON provided me with a proposal of benefits prior to the engagement that seemed too good to be true. When AEON exceeded that estimate, my CPA and I were delighted as the results were beyond our expectations. The staff at AEON was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend this firm to all hotel owners.”
- Rashmi Patel, Owner, Best Western Hotels

“I am an owner of a small office condominium.  My business is on a tight budget, so the utilization of accelerated depreciation is an important factor to my success.  AEON alleviated my concerns that my project was too small to make it viable for a Cost Segregation study.  They worked with me to meet my budgetary needs and I am highly pleased with the results.”
- Stuart Berkowitz, Ph.D.

“I was extremely impressed with our CPA for having the foresight to bring this tax-saving opportunity to my attention. The engineering analysis went smoothly and the results exceeded my expectations. AEON is expert in this field and the results show it!”
- Alex Hashtrudi, CEO, Caltrop

“At the urging of my CPA, I contacted AEON to perform a Cost Segregation Study of my retail center.  AEON was highly responsive and provided a true “turnkey” service.  This was important to us since we are extremely busy.  The best part was that the results  exceeded expectations.  We will be looking to AEON for all our commercial properties.”
- Dirk A. Fulton, CEO, Gas City Fuels, LLC

“As a developer of hotels, retail centers and franchise outlets, our company understands the significance of accelerated depreciation and that the engineering aspect requires specialized services beyond the scope of services furnished by accounting firms. AEON provides that service to our company in an effective and professional manner and this has allowed us to realized substantial tax benefits.”
- Raj Doshi, CFO, CNR Queens Hospitality

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