Benefits Of Cost Segregation
Primary Benefits:
1) Significantly increased Cash flow and ROI on property.
Rather than 39 or 27.5 year straight-line depreciation, you take 5, 7 or 15 year declining-balance depreciation. Approximately 60% of the benefit is available in the first two years, thus significantly lowering your tax payments.

2) Immediate benefit in Quarterly Tax filings.
You may proportionately reduce your next quarterly payments to the IRS.

3) When your roof, HVAC unit or other building components need replacing, you can      write-down remaining book value.
Most of the time, this can only be done if a Cost Segregation study has been performed. Sometimes, this benefit, alone, makes a study worthwhile.
Typical Example:

A recent AEON client with a $10 Million property was able to realize a $740K increase in cash flow in the first 3 years and a fully discounted $800K over the 39 year depreciable life of the property. This amounted to a windfall 9% incremental return on the property! This result is highly typical of all AEON studies.

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